New User

Any system that we work on, must be connected with a network cable. We cannot work on a system that is connected using wireless access.

So we can access the PC remotely, can you do this on the computer we need to access:

Windows 7 Windows XP
Start Button Start
cmd (hit enter) Run
ipconfig (hit enter) cmd (hit enter)
ipconfig (hit enter)

Email us the IP Address for the Local Area Connection - Ethernet Adapter (you may have to scroll back a bit)
In this example, the IP address is

Close the screen

The next steps will allow us to access you system after hours if you leave the machine on.

Windows 7 Windows XP
Right click on Start and choose Open Windows Explorer Right click on Start and choose Explore
Right click on My Computer and choose Properties
Select Advanced System Settings Select the Remote tab
Select the Remote tab There are 2 check boxes
Make sure the settings are as below Make sure the 2nd one is selected

Select OK all the way out.

We would appreciate any comments you have if you feel the document is not clear or improvements can be made.